Mass Observation: COVID-19

Wanting to give the students in his now-postponed writing classes some impetus to keep writing, and through research, discovering the World-War-II-era Mass Observation project, my college roommate Vance has started up a new writing project for the Time of Coronavirus:

Mass Observation: COVID-19

Basically, if you’re a blogger and you’re writing anything about your personal experiences with what’s going on now, you should put your name in the hat.  Also, you should hashtag your stuff with #MOC19.  If you want to go whole hawg, you could even start a separate blog just for this (blogs are free).  Vance will, from time to time, issue writing prompts, which you can follow or not.

So, please, take a look and if this is at all intriguing, please participate.

My personal experiences – we are both holed up at home.  C is delighted to be working from home, actually.  I am doing what I’d be doing anyway (looking for a job).  I try to get out once a day for powerwalks and to pick up takeout.  I am getting a little frightened of the numbers we are hearing, since we are now (in New York City) in the epicenter of the disease in America.  I am looking for volunteer activities to help.

A Facebook friend of mine posted this with the caption “Week 2 begins”.  I can’t stop laughing at it.

C and I are not driving each other insane, thank gawd.  Our home is pretty big, and we mostly stay out of each other’s way during the day, wandering through occasionally to say hi or offer a cup of coffee.

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