Go get ’em, tiger

Wow. A nice leisurely weekend, marred only by a discovered leak under the kitchen sink (we’ll have the super look at it tomorrow – in the meantime, that pipeline of cold water is shut off).

But tomorrow… I start a new job! And I’m excited about it, but also wary since I felt pretty good about starting my last job and look how that turned out. So I’m going into it with a (more) humble attitude and a willingness to not really worry about anything but getting the job right, at least for a while. Other than powerwalks and personal maintenance, it’s going to be about the job. If I don’t have time to get to the piano, or to read, or to work on silly projects (such as blogging), well, that’s going to have to be OK for a while.

What I suspect is going to happen is that a few weeks in the job will give me enough self-confidence that I can stop worrying about it. But I don’t have anything to get in the way of treating this as if I could fail unless I make extra sure to do it right.

I don’t really have much else going on, except the normal personal stuff and making sure my immediate family is doing OK. I’d hoped to get the CBAP certification stuff done, and it’s not, but what I did wrap up on Friday was the application process, which involves submitting references and TEN YEARS of projects. You need to feed that in and pay your exam fee before you can even schedule the exam. And there’s a chance that what you submit can get audited – not that I lied, but who wants to go through an audit. But – the website took the application, accepted it without audit, and now the only thing I have to do is take the test. Which I’m not ready for, quite, but I have a year to take it, so…

The game plan now is to get my new routine-with-a-job down, and then figure out how to finish my studying. I can probably fit in some review and practice exams every day, and finish the serious woodshedding on the next couple of Sundays. If all goes well, I may be able to take the test the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, that would be awesome. And then it would be done, I hope.

One thing I need to do, although there’s no rush, is tot up my business expenses so far. Usually the bulk of my deductibles are music-related: piano tuning, show tickets and so on. But this year it’s been professional organization membership, job site membership and courses and application fees for two certificates. It’s a lot. So should probably start tracking that now.

I’ve got a lot of media consumption to cover too, but I think I’ll do that in a later post. Harry Potter movie rewatch, the I Know This Much is True miniseries, The Politician, Life in Pieces, and books: The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, “Accidental Roots”, a several-book romance/thriller/mystery series by Elle Keaton, and assorted other stuff.

Also, a shout-out to all my G&S Festival friends. We are all bemoaning the loss of the festival this year – I wasn’t supposed to go anyway, but I enjoy the vicarious thrill of tracking everyone else’s progress through social media. We’ll see about next year.

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