I really should have written this post yesterday, before any election results came in. As I write, it’s the morning after election day and they have not yet called the presidential race. They have, however, called my state (for Biden) and my congressperson (the famous AOC) has been re-elected and so I guess I did my part there. I’d also contributed to some out-of-state races – sad about Jaime Harrison, I thought we’d get this one.

But this blog is abashedly solipsistic and I wanted to note that it was on Election Day two years ago that I got laid off from a job that I’d had for over 20 years. This kicked off a odyssey of shit, including a year of failure at a company that turned out to be a terrible fit, my mother’s diagnosis and death, months of unemployment, and of course COVID and the unrelenting governmental shitshow we’ve all been wading through.

BUT… I’ve been at my new job for three months today. I love it! It’s still a job, I still have to push myself to work rather than to goof off, and I’m still never quite sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. But I like what we do, I like the quite-reasonable amount of pressure, and I love the projects that I’m working on, which involve a lot of learning from the ground up, but of stuff I’ve always wanted to learn. Mostly about data reporting and analysis. I’ve been squeeing on FB about ‘my first join!’ and ‘baby’s first temp table’, very exciting. So I’m learning as I go, and taking some online training, and am looking into possibly getting another IIBA certification, this one in data analysis.

I’m still a mess inside, my lack of center causing my self-confidence to oscillate wildly, and a constant anxiety that certainly could be earned by external (not-work-related) events, but which I suspect is just about my own fear of failure. So, yeah, still on the agenda to fix that. There’s a plan. I will do the plan.

Speaking of ‘the plan’, one issue is I’m very heavy, yet again. I’ve started Noom, I like it so far. Again, the basics are eat better, exercise, and track your food and your exercise. I can do that.

Happy, goofy, day-to-day news. C had a birthday, that was fun. We finished our annual month of spooky movie and TV watching. We just started “The Queen’s Gambit”, which has been recommended by everyone I know, and like that a lot. We watched “What the Constitution Means to Me”, also recommended by everyone, but C didn’t like it for some reason. I did another Lee Child thriller (The Midnight Line) in about three days. They are always consistently great. I also read some notable m/m stuff, including a hilarious one called Love for the Cold Blooded, about a college student who’s the son of a supervillain (she’s his mom, and her name is Serpentissima) who ends up working for and then sort of accidentally sleeping with a superhero. It’s a hoot and a half.

More once things shake out a little.

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