Put a Pin in That

Since I haven’t been practicing piano, or doing much of anything besides working and reading, I should probably be writing more. Things that have floated through my empty head to blog about:

  • Is “none” singular or plural?
  • Pride month stuff
  • Media consumption
  • Fear of aging/losing capability
  • How I fell in love with wind instruments
  • Nothing matters and it’s all pointless

Yeah, some are big and some are small.

Y’all know that my bugaboo from TV or media over the last few years is those who pronounce “divisive” with the same short “i” vowel for all syllables. Makes me twitch. It’s “div-EYE-sive”, like “divide”. But today, someone used the phrase, “none is” and I was like, ‘what’? In the kitchen at the time, I turned to the ether and said, “Alexa, is the word ‘none’ singular or plural?”. Her opinion was that it was singular, but sometimes used as plural. Not helpful.

I guess, technically “none”, which indicates a zero number of things, is neither singular (one of something) nor plural (several somethings). But it feels like it should be plural. “how many of your shirts are purple?” “None of them are.” It’s connotating a negative characteristic of a group of things. The opposite of “none” is “all”, which is certainly plural. Anyway, I vote for ‘none’ being plural, although it’s really just coming from my gut.

Who knows which topic I’ll pick next? It’s a mystery.

One thought on “Put a Pin in That

  1. “None” means “nary a one” or “not one” and while we think of “none” as the multiplicity of what is NOT present, that’s our philosophical burden to bear. Syntactically, “none” ought to be singular, as should a nun.


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