Cape May, Part 2

We’d known going in that Thursday’s forecast was rain all day, so we weren’t sure what we were going to do. However, in the morning, it was cloudy and a bit ‘spitty’, but not really raining. OK. I hung out on the balcony writing and reading while C watched TV, then we went to breakfast at Hemingway’s, the hotel restaurant. I walk in, with C following awkwardly behind with his cane:

Restaurant Manager: hello, are you waiting for for your wife?

Me: <blink> my husband, actually, but he’s right there behind me.

RM: oh… right this way.

Service was fine, and the food was quite good. We both had egg things, I think. Then back to the room.

We still had no plans. I suggested we find outlet malls, one of our usual vacation destinations. Figured it wouldn’t be too bad, even with a wheelchair. Well, surprise, the closest outlet malls were right smack in downtown Atlantic City, where we’d just came from. OK, but only an hour away and we had nothing else to do.

So we drove back to AC, found the outlet malls and parked. And then the skies opened up, argh. Unlike the other Tanger malls we’d been to, these didn’t even have covered sidewalks. So … picture C in a wheelchair, holding an umbrella, me attempting to push while holding my own umbrella (I gave up on that, wasn’t working) as we figured out where to go. We actually only went in a couple of stores, I got soaking wet, and we gave up and went back to Cape May, where at least the room had been turned over.

Lunch was leftovers from the night before, then we just lazed around. The rain did look like it was going away, so we planned to go to the Washington St. pedestrian mall to explore and have dinner. Again, we had to pay for parking, a theme on this trip. It was still a bit drippy, but not really raining. We did the length of the pedestrian mall, but no store seemed worth the struggle of dealing with the wheelchair. (there’s a nice Christmas shop that we absolutely would have gone into otherwise, but up a forbidding flight of stairs)

We had dinner at Fins, a restaurant we’d enjoyed two years ago. Wasn’t so great this time. Service was not on their game (water glasses not filled, etc. C asked for a seafood fork for the whatever-he-got, which they didn’t have.) But I had an aperol spritz.

Aperol Spritz, not gay at all

I had crab bisque to start, and then… gosh, i don’t even remember. Swordfish or something. Much lighter than dinner the night before.

We’d made noises about going to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream afterward, but we were not hungry, somewhat tired and it was chilly anyway. So back to the room.

This doesn’t sound like the greatest day, does it? But we were both delighted to have no agenda whatsoever and just to putz around doing nothing.

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