Cape Cod, Canal Path

Tuesday: a leisurely morning to get up, blog, get cleaned up, go out and get breakfast, come back and pack. The ferry from Oak Bluffs to Woods Hole was at 10:45, so I left about 10:00. No problem waiting around – the weather has been so lovely I’ve been spending a ton of time outside, just reveling in it. I had had a mild panic attack – I’d bought the ticket on Monday (the 19th) and a quick glance at the ticket looked like it expired the same day. (I’d had exactly that problem last time I was in England – bought a train ticket for the next day, but it expired the day you bought it.) But this ticket, on closer inspection, expired on Sept. 19 2024. Oh, OK.

Onto the ferry. It was overcast enough that I didn’t even try to sit outside, but just moved up forward on the level we came in on. I thought it would be nice and quiet, until a bunch of young Russian bros sat behind me and chatted for the whole trip. Oh well. Easy 45 minute boat trip – but then when we got there, we were disembarking on the other side and there was no way to cross over except going up a flight of stairs, across, and then down a flight of stairs. Holy crap, I was fine with my big suitcase and knapsack and totebag, but not going up a narrow flight of stairs. Even doing it in two trips, the suitcase alone was not easy, although I’d deliberately packed it lighter this time. (also, and this will be a plot point, my back is now mostly OK, but my knees are problematic) Anyway, up, across, down and out.

Oh, look, no taxi stand that I can see. I need to get to the car rental place in Falmouth, next town over. Summon an Uber, but cannot figure out where it’s going to pick me up – until I saw a car with a little billboard on top of it displaying its car number (mine). Oh, well, that’s obvious. OK, into the Uber with Cristiano, a Brazilian who was very chatty and nice… and then he mentioned he was sending his kids to a Christian school to give them a good moral center. OK, fine, but I needed to end this conversation before we got into a discussion about how the homosexuals were ruining everything. No fear, got to the car place, and only needed a bit of help finding the USB port so the phone could talk to the car, a cute little silver Toyota Corolla.

North to Sandwich, about a half hour drive. (I’d suspected this, but it’s nice to experience it for real – Cape Cod really isn’t very big and it doesn’t take that long to get anywhere.) I was going to bike the canal trail between Bourne and Sandwich, which looked to be an easy ride, although a tad longer than the rides I’d been doing lately. Rented a bike from the helpful dudes at Rideaway Adventures and set off. As promised, it’s a very easy trail, and I didn’t have a problem getting to the Bourne end, where there were picnic tables (alas, the seats were rain-covered and wet) and bathrooms. According to Runkeeper, that was a tad over 7 miles. The trip back was a slog, though, into the wind and my legs were really complaining a lot.

Dropped the bike off, got local lunch recommendations, but the place I was aiming for was closed, so ended up at Seafood Sam’s. The kind of place that’s set up for hoards of guests, which I guess they get in the summer, but which was fairly empty. You order at the counter, then pick it up. I got a lobster salad roll, coleslaw and a cookie. It was fine, although not for the price. Ah well.

Next mission was to go to a Target in Hyannis and pick up supplies – distilled water, regular water, caffeine free diet cola, allergy pills, soap and a Kindle. Yes, I’d left my Kindle on the ferry from Nantucket, even though I know I looked around on my seat before I left. This is at least the third Kindle I’ve left on an airplane or whatever, so it’s just a dumb thing that I do sometimes, but I’ve had this one for years, so not a big deal. The Target had the other stuff, but no Kindle, but it turned out I was in a mall with other stores and the Best Buy had them, so I got one just like the one I’d had (a Paperwhite). I eyeballed the Oasis, which is the model my dad has, but it was twice as much, almost.

Then to the English Garden B&B in Dennis Port, just a block from the south shore beach. I’d cleverly rented a suite, it wasn’t that much money and it’s basically a little apartment with a great room (living room and kitchenette), a separate bedroom (adorable), and a big bathroom with a washer/dryer, so helpful. Oh, also the living room has a gas fireplace! Very fun, I’ll put in pictures later.

So I spent the late afternoon unpacking and doing laundry and getting cleaned up. Again, wasn’t very hungry for dinner. There’s a very fancy seafood place just down the street, but I looked at the menu and said, yeah, not tonight. I decided to go out and get some more supplies (booze, paper towels, kleenex) and then take pot luck on restaurants, depending on what I saw. Turns out everything was closed (a lot of places are open “Wed-Sat” and it was Tuesday) except for the “Original Seafood” restaurant. Well, I wasn’t in the mood for more seafood, but went in – and it turned out they were about to close (it was all of 7:45) but I could get takeout. So I ended up getting a fried combo of calamari and haddock, with fries, and went back to the room. I thought it would be too much food, but it was fantastic and I scarfed most of it down. (I also worry about my stomach when traveling, because you often eat a lot of stuff like that that you probably shouldn’t, but no ill effects today, yay.) Watched news, then RuPaul. Unlike the last place, I couldn’t fool the TV into getting me Amazon Prime, so I watched Drag Race on my laptop and that turned out to be fine. (I know people watch TV on their laptop all the time, but that’s just not something I’ve ever needed to do before.)

Waffled about the plan for the next few days. I really want to do the Rail Trail (more biking), but getting on a bike after yesterday without a day of rest seemed dumb. (My knees really have been shrieking at me. Stairs are an issue, and this room is up yet another narrow flight of them.) But although today looks fine, tomorrow’s supposed to be all rain, and then Friday I need to get to Ptown by 3:00, so… I think what I’m going to do is putter around the center of the island, walking the various downtown and doing any outdoor sights. Then tomorrow in the rain, I’ll do the Gorey House and antiquing – and maybe just spend some time holed up reading or whatever. We’ll see, I’ll play it by ear.

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