Tuppence Middleton Film Festival

We didn’t set out specifically to have a Tuppence Middleton film festival, but we watched Mank and Fisherman’s Friends this weekend, and she’s in both, doing a quite nice job. I suppose you could painfully construct some sort of joke scenario to work “Tuppence, a bag” in there, but not worth it. She’s not a bag at all, she’s interestingly beautiful and she was born in 1987, during my last semester of grad school, I guess.

Anyway, Mank was entertaining enough, particularly for C, who’s a big old movie buff, and Fisherman’s Friends is delightful. Although of course they center the story on the record producer, who’s not a particularly interesting character. I wanted to know the backstory of the tall bearded fisherman, who was in every scene with the other guys, but never got to speak. Was he the closeted lonely one, and will the sequel be about his coming out? (*scribbles note in writing notebook*)

So… hey, Biden and Kamala were inaugurated with little muss and fuss, no assassination attempts that we know of, and in a beautiful ceremony. I took the morning off to watch it, and need to remember next time to really wall off the entire day from beginning to end – I got a little testy with Himself when we had to go out grocery shopping and he was taking his damn time, afraid we wouldn’t get back before things started up.

As awful as it is still in the country, it’s comforting to hear news now re-centered on the pandemic, rather than whatever batshit crazy our ex-president brought to the table that day. I’m delighted with the executive orders, and am simultanously irked and amused by the other side’s flailing. Fox News chyron: “Biden’s disastrous first week” – less than 48 hours after he’d been inaugurated. Feh.

Saturday was the first anniversary of my mother’s death, and I googled to see if there’s a nice word for that. Apparently, the completely correct word is “Deathday”, but no… I think we can be more subtle than that. I reached out to my Dad, and later my brother reached out to me. We’re all sad, but not caught up in it.

Plans – nice to think about, right? C can probably get vaccinated as soon as NYC has more vaccine, but he has to make that appointment. My father’s already had his first shot. My brother and I might have to wait for a while. But my hope is that we can go down and visit over Memorial Day or thereabouts, like we usually do. I’m hoping we can do the beachhouse in Cape May in August that we had to cancel last year. And I think I will start skating again as soon as I’m vaccinated – I really miss it.

Both C and I had insomnia and woke up 3:15-ish. He got up to watch movies in the living room, then eventually went back to bed. I lay in bed until 4:30, then decided to start the day. So I’ll be coasting on caffeine today, looks like. Happy Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Tuppence Middleton Film Festival

  1. There is indeed a word, at least in Jewish/Yiddish custom: The yahrzeit. I *believe* that there is even a graveside commemoration, at least maybe in Conservative or Orthodox tradition? It involves putting a stone – a little one – on top of the gravestone. Marking the ending of the first year of mourning, after which I think the bereaved can re-marry or otherwise return to their previous pursuits. Anyway, hugs.

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