Wintry Minx

That’s my new drag name.

We’re going to get hit with snow tonight, and then tomorrow, apparently, we’re really going to get hit with snow. I’m trying to think of anything I should rush out and buy today (bread! milk! eggs! for the French Toast Apocalypse) but I think we’re reasonably well-stocked.

I’m loving this new normal, even though there’s still plenty of batshittery afoot. Amused by how quickly the media pivots to stupid shit like Biden’s watch, and how quickly it gets called out. Also liked my congresslady’s dunk on Ted Cruz.

So what happened this week? Work is fine, got several projects moved forward. At home, we’re mostly OK, but have been having weird health issues, mostly insomnia. Like last night , for instance. C did something to his back and couldn’t find a comfortable position in bed, and every time he lurched to a new position, it woke me up. Arggh. Poor dear. (him, I mean)

Some reviews… TV-wise, we’re alternating between Hinterland and Schitt’s Creek. Hinterland is not only very good, but very dark in unexpected ways. Also beautiful in the obviously chilly Welsh landscape. Everyone now knows how wonderful Schitt’s Creek is – or at least ‘got’. We’d made an abortive attempt at Season 1 a couple of years ago, this time we powered through and am now on Season 2. I love how skillfully both David and Alexis deflect by always saying the right thing, even though they totally don’t mean it.

David’s boss: I need a babysitter for my stepdaughter.

David (inching out the door): Well, if there’s anything I can do….

David’s boss: I need a babysitter for my stepdaughter

Also, I loved David explaining his sexuality while picking out wine.

Movies: we watched Liam Neeson’s “Honest Thief”, which was fine, but didn’t really grip me. C, who hadn’t been paying attention to the title of the movie, was startled by the onscreen prompt when I rented it which said something like “Please confirm your purchase, HONEST THIEF.” I was like, no, honey, that’s the name of the movie. If they were addressing me, it would have been ASSHOLE or such. We also watched a documentary about Broadway producer Leonard Soloway that was fun to watch.

Bookwise, I finally finished A God in Ruins. It was kind of a slog, even through it was lovely. Very melancholy. Not riveting the way Life after Life was. I need to pick up another print book offa my shelves, maybe the book by Celia Imrie, looks cute.

Anyway, enjoy your snow!

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