Paul Henreid Film Festival

I didn’t really have a movie picked out for last night, so I told C to think of a romantic movie he wanted to watch. As it turns out, he was already watching Now, Voyager, so we watched that, then I decided we’d watch Casablanca next. We all know that Casablanca is the perfect movie, and although sometimes it comes in second to Citizen Kane in ‘best movie of all time’ polls, I’ve only seen Citizen Kane once, and I can watch Casablanca any time. Such a clear script, such great performances, such wonderful cinematography. (such sloppy fake piano playing, though) I’ll have to go back and watch the beginning of Now, Voyager some other time. I’d never seen it. I’ve never seen Dark Victory either.

This while C served up a Valentine’s Day feast: ribeye steak, baked potatoes, green beans, a fantastic French onion soup, and brownie cheesecake for dessert. We exchanged cards and gifts – I got a gift certificate, he got the candy cane heart Xmas ornament he’d asked for for Xmas and hadn’t gotten (there’s a long boring story about how I ended up getting that, let’s assume it’s been told and move on). He got a box of Ferrerro Rocher, too, so that’s that.

C: Such a pretty card! Where did you get it?

E: (thinks: the local drugstore) um… I made it!

C: It says “American Greetings” on the back.

I hit my six month anniversary at work this week. Flashing back to my 2019 job, where by the time I hit six months, I was literally grading every day and writing it down so I could make a decision as to whether I should stay or go. A few days were A’s, most were B’s or B-‘s, several were F’s. By Labor Day, I’d decided to start trying to get out of there… but we were taking a big trip in October, and then the holidays happened and Mom’s diagnosis and then they laid me off anyway a week before Christmas. Long way to say that every day at my new job is at least a B+ and everyone, including me, is happy.

I went into the office on Friday, only the second time I’d been there. After the first trip, I’d made a list of stuff I needed for my cube and had acquired those things, so took a little rolling suitcase full of stuff with me. Also found my missing office robots – had brought them on the first trip, but couldn’t find them. All set up now.

These were the droids I was looking for.

I had a doctor’s appointment, and had also planned to go buy that Swarovski candy cane ornament, but due to reasons, I’d ended up buying it from eBay, so I didn’t have to.

I had to run a couple of meetings that are usually run by someone else, but those went well. This job, I tend to do more background research than hands-on running meetings so my co-workers (I think) get a little impressed when I show off that particular skill. I also had a funny experience – on Tuesday, my boss had asked me to set up a checkpoint meeting on the project I was running – me essentially explaining myself to my boss and his boss and another high-up – and scheduling made this meeting happen a lot more quickly than I would have liked. Not sure what they’d expected, I actually put together a Powerpoint, and they were like, ‘whoa’, far more formal than they were looking for. But I erred on the side of caution there, and they were impressed, even though I made no effort to make a pretty PPT.

So, yeah, work is good.

What else? We watched Haywire, a Soderbergh film from 2011, because it had been listed on a NYTimes article of ‘top 10 films about to drop from Netflix’. Fantastic supporting cast. I hadn’t realized until we started watching that it stars Gina Carano, the woman who was just booted off “The Mandalorian” for transphobic remarks. (and the day after we watched it, by almost-coincidence, Jon Lovett talked about this movie on “Lovett or Leave It” and told the story he heard, which was that Carano was so bad as an actress, Soderbergh hired Laura San Giacomo to dub all her dialogue.

The movie itself is confusing… why are all these people trying to kill her? It does eventually get explained. But I’d call it neither good nor bad.

I guess I don’t need to say anything about the impeachment or politics. Everything I’d have to say has been said elsewhere by many many people.

Day off today. I didn’t sleep well, so probably will spend time in the recliner reading.

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