That Liminal Space

I’m on mini-vacation again, taking a day and a half more than the 3-day weekend. I did manage to get work mostly wrapped up before yesterday afternoon, when I dropped off. But a big lunch and a big catch-up phone call with a dear friend took up the afternoon. But I’ve been going going going all day today, picking off small tasks hither and yon, which is pretty much the plan until Monday.

Mr. C and I will be heading into the local shopping district so he can get several pairs of glasses fixed and I can pick up quarters for laundry. There’s been a quarter shortage – usually I get ten rolls at a time, but the last couple of times they limited me to five, and most recently it was two! I’m not the only one who’s noticed this, this cartoon was in the latest New Yorker.

So we’ll see how we do.

I had kind of hoped to make some Christmas music videos with the A Capella app this season, but that hasn’t happened. Right now we’re also in a liminal space regarding our January QUO concert: I have a lot to do if the brass choir is playing chamber music, but we can’t decide on that until other decisions are made. And if we’re doing the Tchaikowsky, then I need to start practicing again. But if we shut down completely, it’s back to the piano, which I haven’t even touched this season, despite the enticing books of Christmas carols out.

Anyway, Christmas itself was nice. C had special Christmas Eve meals: breakfast was bagels and smoked salmon with a flavored cream cheese (chives maybe? Not, like, blueberry) and crab-stuffed shrimp for dinner. We watched the Patrick Stewart “Christmas Carol” (arguably the best traditional version in color) and Jessye Norman’s “Christmastide” concert. Then Xmas morning got a little rushed. I got up pretty early, enough to fill his stocking (a bar of Duke Cannon “Big Ass Lump of Coal” soap, a pair of Wicked Witch of the East socks, more socks that say “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”, Ferrero Roches and a fantastic gingerbread man from our local coffeeshop up the hill). But he got up barely in time for our two family zoom calls. We watched our niece’s kids open their presents from us, and they returned the favor. Then we had just enough time to open our presents before the call with my dad, brother, aunt and cousins (during which we munched on C’s homemade pumpkin bread).

C got the Swarovski ornaments he asked for, plus some little things. I got a couple of beautiful button-down shirts and a robe, plus a box of fancy soaps. My stocking was nothing but Ghirardelli peppermint bark, and I was fine with that.

After all that, we had some down time except I needed to clean up for our guests, which I did. Then mid-afternoon, Tessa, Susan and Renee all arrived. C could not cook as he wanted to, but we had an afternoon of some really amazing ‘heavy snacks’ there were fine as a meal – empanadas, samosas, shrimp cocktail, sausage, cheese, crackers, hummus. Susan brought a homemade buche de noel that was out of this world. It was a wonderful time getting caught up – I sure do have interesting friends! Gifts were exchanged – I’d also gotten gingerbread men for them, which reminds me, I got another one for me which I haven’t eaten yet. These gingerbread men from Parva (little ones and big ones) were amazing, and I’ve been buying them all month.

And Sunday was the true day of downtime, where I finally really got to just listen to Christmas music all day long.

We’re still watching Christmas movies, probably will continue until next weekend, when the tree will probably come down. New Year’s Eve, we’re just going to order in, but from a fancy restaurant. And on New Year’s Day, Bunthorne Boy (in from Oslo) will come over and we’ll go out to brunch. So all very nice.

And Sunday, I think I’ll rescue my skates from my office (where I’m not likely to be for the next few months, depending on COVID) and try out an outdoor rink. I’ve never actually tried Rockefeller Center – and maybe a holiday weekend is not the time, but let’s see.

Happy New Year, everyone! I have cautious hope.

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