2021 Wrapup

OK, so in a lot of ways, 2021 was as sucktastic as 2020. We are still not at equilibrium with the COVID, and our politics are still a hot mess – although, certainly, Biden’s inauguration put paid to the daily Dose of Dread we had been getting for four years. I have high hopes that 2022 will be largely about chickens coming home to roost, re Jan 6 and all that. Cross your fingers.

We remain, um, precariously stable. Is that a thing? We are both employed, which is not a given, and we both are fine in our jobs. After six months in my job, this spring I got moved over to a new team, so there was a lot of learning to do. But finally, I’m in a place where I pretty much know what I’m doing (and am even helping newer people figure it out). It’s work, no question, I’m very busy most of the time, but I like what I do, and the people and the company I do it with.

My organization had been on a ‘stay at home unless you want to come in sometimes’ routine, but in September, we started a ‘come back in once a week’ routine – which for me wasn’t that different from what I’d already been doing. That was working out great, but now with the Omicron variant, we’re back to ‘please stay home unless you need to come in’.

Health-wise, C and I got vaccinated as soon as humanly possible, and boosted as well. We have not gotten COVID yet, knock wood. But this was the year that C developed a weird problem with his left leg – he basically can’t rely on it working at all. This has been going on since the spring, and he has had many tests to figure out what’s going on, and nothing definitive has been found. We continue to test, and have hopes that physical therapy (which he’ll start soon) will help him, regardless of what the root cause is. But it’s very effing frustrating and has curtailed our lives just as much as COVID has. He rarely leaves the house, uses a cane to walk when he does, uses an Uber a lot for trips that otherwise would easily be walkable, and we also have a wheelchair for when that’s the best solution. Please hold us in your thoughts as we try to work our way through this and either solve it or figure out how to accomodate it long-term.

Yeah, and I fell off my bike and broke my collarbone. But that healed up with no problems and really didn’t give me a lot of problems after the first couple of weeks.

My own mental health has continued to get better (although I want to start therapy and that’s on the list for the new year), enough that I had the fortitude to drop some of my crutches enough to start losing weight again. Basically, low-carbing and not drinking except for special occasions. That’s turned out to be great and I’ll keep going with that (after the holidays are over. I’ve been enjoying my wine and pasta and cookies these weeks, while resignedly watching the scale go up again).

We of course didn’t go on any big trip this year, but we did visit C’s family in Beacon, NY, and my family in Durham, NC. And my family gathered in Atlantic City to scatter my mother’s ashes in the ocean the day after Labor Day, which was a lovely event, and C and I got several days in Cape May after that. I went to the Washington, DC area in October for a high school reunion and did some touristing as well.

Performing-wise, I spend the beginning of the year just practicing piano, but started playing horn again in the fall, playing my first Beethoven Fifth. And continue to do so, except COVID caused us to cancel our second concert and everything’s up in the air right now. But I hadn’t realized how much I missed playing and rehearsing until I started doing it again.

We also had an interesting theatrical experience when I submitted a coming-out story of mine to a theater group, who selected it as part of a coming-out anthology they were creating for Pride Month. We went to New Jersey to see the show, and it was not only a fun adventure, but the show was great and it was very affirming to see my own story presented (so well) on stage.

Media: we saw some great television, including Kim’s Convenience, Broadchurch and Hinterland, Midnight Mass and Squid Game, and The Good Doctor. Moviewise, we really liked Shang-Chi and Stillwater. I’d normally present the books I read, but I mostly read a f*ckton of M/M romance. I did like Andy Weir’s “Artemis” and the last book in John Scalzi’s “Collapsing Empire” series and I probably read some Lee Childs and other thrillers.

What’s coming up? Well, so much depends on what’s going on with Mr. C’s leg, let’s hope that gets resolved. I need to get my bike fixed (again) and also start skating again (outdoor rinks should be safe for now). We’re starting to make plans to visit family and friends farther away than up the Hudson. My family would like to come and visit us here.

C can retire at any time, but is sticking with it so he doesn’t switch health plans in the middle of a crisis. We’d love it if he could retire this upcoming year.

I want to continue to play horn, or go back to the piano if that doesn’t pan out. And there are rumors of interesting possibilities for shows (theater) that I could put my hat in to music-direct. That’s really what I’d like to be doing.

Toi toi toi to all of us. Happy New Year!

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